why do we not

find any homo sapiens
an the planet of satan ?

because they are not allowed
to help destroy this world .....

any world !

robin dunbar

... at the university of oxford>
having in many years > in many studies
found out >>>

that there is no humanity on this world !

only about 50 million criminal groups
from around ... 150 on the average

mostly from 50 to 250 >  where only the interests >
of their groups are relevant > everything else >
they do not see > they do not know !
thus the basic human rights
do not apply to them !

    homo sapiens ?

  their endless goal > their very big task
your certified quality > this unique performance

  > having no understanding

and as soon as they are meeting a homo sapiens
thus confronted with a conception
he is simply ignored !

galactic foundation

galactic central

galactic university

>>> homo.sapiens(a)galactic.foundation